The Museum of Senses offers over 50 different exhibits placed in different ecosystems that will take you on a fantastic journey to revive your senses and awaken those you didn’t know you had.

Head on a platter

The desert is a place where your senses will go wild and where the harsh environment will take its toll. Heads on a platter? Come and check what happens to your senses in our desert of illusions.

Changing faces hedge

Have you ever wanted to change your nose or even your whole face but it was too crazy, painful or costly to do it? While walking through the park you will finally have the chance to do it. Just choose between visitors and agree to change your face using our funny 'changing faces hedge'.

Get to know the mystery of colors

We present you the most famous additive model of color mixing - RGB (red, green, blue). The model consists of three main (primary) colors and relates to the physiology of the human eye. In this model, if the colored lights are all pointed into the same spot and all working at the same intensity (luminosity), they create the colour white in the centrepoint, where they overlap. This RGB model is also used by displays (in the form of diodes) and projectors.

Infinity disco room

Do you like to party? Then our Infinity disco room is a must for you!  A unique room, where you´re free to dance, sing and simply enjoy the moment by yourself or with your friends and family.
Don´t forget to take photos - everyone will be envious, guaranteed!

Inverted room

Have you ever walked on the ceiling? Are you ready for a different point of view? Then hold on tight! Just be careful not to fall into our toilet!

Sound zone

How fun would cartoons and movies be without sound? Have you ever wondered how these sounds are created? And what if the scene requires thunder, wind and monster sounds?
Come see our new interactive “Foley” exhibit to find out how sounds for film are created and bring our cartoon to life with sound!

Bed of nails

Fakir bed is a desk densely covered with nails. Do you have enough courage to try for yourself? Lay down on top of 1209 nails and uncover the mystery of indian fakirs with your own body!

The stables

The place oozes old-timey charm, almost as if time froze here! The museum stables were built in the 18th century and have been preserved to this very day. Among other things, you can feed the horses and take stunning photos in here. Discover the true spirit and magic of old Prague!

Ames room

How much time is needed to grow 10 cm? What about a meter or more? A year, two years, maybe a decade? For sure more than just a few seconds. In the Museum of Senses everything is possible. Come and experience people growing and shrinking in a matter of seconds.


Caleidoscope (known in the czech language as a “Krasohled”) is a childrens toy, that’s been fascinating to many generations over the years. The word kaleidoscope comes from greek and its original meaning is “a device, with which one can see beautiful pictures” . How does an optical device like this work? Visit us to find out on our enlarged model! Plus, now you have the possibility to take home a wonderful souvenir with you - a photo from the Caleidoscope, which you can purchase and have printed right in the gift shop!


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